Creating notes on living a meaningful life

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Welcome to The White Log

Hey there!

We’re Silvia and Michal and this is where we create notes on living a meaningful life.

NOTE: This website is currently in development. In the meantime you can see the gitbook version or check out our projects:


JournalSmarter – Where we write about building consistency with the life practices that matter.
Youtube – Where we share videos on various topics.
Microsolidarity in Pico – Documentation of our community weaving experiments in Pico Island.
The Nomz – Delicious vegan desserts.
Onion Journals – Silvia’s online public journal exploring vulnerability and authenticity.
Mind Juggling – Michal’s newsletter, which tends to be aligned with the moon.


You can support our work on Patreon or by enrolling in one of our programs.

Love and Light ☀️
Michal and Silvia